Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RAVE Team complete! Jack Dykinga finally made it to Patagonia.

After a grueling trip due mostly to the Snowmageddon that has hit some unsuspecting States in the US, the Patagonia RAVE crew finally welcomes Jack Dykinga. The team is complete!

Excerpt below is taken from an email from Jack, Feb. 16, 2010
My flight to Chile turned into the trip from H*&#! Couldn't fly to Dallas from Tucson, due to snow in Texas. So, I drive to Phoenix and fly to Chicago and on to Atlanta. They shut Atlanta down, but after another hotel stay, I sneak out on a flight to Toronto to try for a Santiago, Chile connection there.
Finally I get out bound for Chile, but arrive too late for connection and need to overnight after missing my Balmaceda flight. Spend full day trying standby and finally catch a flight...but still no luggage and no extra equipment. As I write, I'm still stranded with no clean clothes after
beginning my trip February 11th!!!!!!!! They say tomorrow my baggage will possibly arrive....

I feel like the Tom Hanks character stranded at the airport, but at least
have met some wonderful people here in Chile. ...once the bags arrive I need to make up for lost time heading to the back-country. Best jd

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  1. Sorry to hear about your trip, Jack. May the rest of the adventure will be rewarding!

  2. Unreal! That's one of the worst trips I've heard of in a long time. So glad you finally made it Jack. You deserve a reward.