Monday, February 22, 2010

Jack Dykinga LIVE from Chacabuco, Chile _ Patagonia RAVE

RAVE Field Update February 21: "Here in Valle Chacabuco - the future Patagonia National Park, which is run by Doug and Kris Tompkins. The entire team was finally reunited here 3 days ago when Jack made it after 6 days of traveling and living off of one pair of clothes. Its been a fantastic 4 days here and this has definitely proved to be the most productive segment of the expedition yet." -Trevor Frost
Want to know more about the Patagonia RAVE?

Where is is the RAVE CREW?


  1. Wow! Hope after all that hassle it's worth it now. Sounds and looks gorgeous. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us... Your work and efforts will help save an important and wonderful part of our world.