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The Athabasca tar sands in northern Alberta, Canada are arguably the world's most environmentally devastating oil extraction industries. And now there are plans to expand the tar sand operations to increase exports of oil to the United States and Asia. This would double the size of the tar sands and increase the release of green house gases and cause further impacts to the boreal environment of  northern Alberta.
However, the tar sands cannot expand without building a 2,000 mile pipeline across British Columbia and through the Great Bear Rainforest on BC’s wild coast. Moreover, a moratorium on large oil tankers would need to be created to prevent the enormous vessels to ply the waters of the fragile coast to receive the oil and carry it to oil hungry Asia.
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The Great Bear Rainforest RAVE, a project of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) has teamed up with Pacific WILD to expose BC’s plans to lift the moratorium on tanker traffic along BC’s coast and how that could very easily lead to a repeat of the Exxon Valdez in the Great Bear Rainforest. If the tanker moratorium is left in place the pipeline cannot be built and the tar sands cannot be expanded. To do this iLCP will document the Great Bear Rainforest in photos, video, audio, and words with a special focus on the marine world. iLCP will use the collected media  to generate outreach initiatives and to flood major media  organizations with stories of BC’s intent to lift the moratorium on tanker traffic.

The iLCP Great Bear Rainforest RAVE team will include the following iLCP Photographers: iLCP Fellow Wendy Shattil ,  Photographer and iLCP President Cristina Mittermeier , National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen ,the youngest founding member of the iLCP Florian Schulz , Emerging Photographers Joe Riis and Jed Weingarten, World Press winner Daniel Beltra , Pulitzer prize winning photographer Jack Dykinga ,  Save Our Seas Chief Photographer Tom Peschak, photographer and Pacific WILD President Ian McAllister .

Guest photographers include Renee Harbers, Pat Freeney and Marven Robinson, and Andy Wright .

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Pacific Wild , and The Save our Seas Foundation , LightHawk, TidesCanada , The Gitga’at Nation and King Pacific Lodge

 Sierra Club BC, Dogwood Initiative

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