Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Water: The Essence of Life

What would we do without fresh water? Although these ecosystems have proved resilient throughout millennia, within the last few generations humanity has radically destroyed earth’s fresh water ecosystems to the point of alarm. Fresh Water: The Essence of Life, the latest publication from Earth in Focus Editions (EIFE) in conjunction with the iLCP alerts readers to key issues concerning a topic paramount to all of us -- fresh water -- and its resources, its uses (and abuses) and its future.

It is within our grasp to adapt to the conditions we have created and to mitigate our impact on the future, but the window of opportunity is closing. Now is the time to reclaim our humility in relationship to the Earth’s fresh water and to resurrect an understanding of how interdependent we are with these ecosystems.

Click here for more info on the book. You can also check out a preview of it by clicking here.

Freshwater_Final_2010 from iLCP on Vimeo.


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