Monday, June 14, 2010

LOOKbetween 2010

LOOKbetween, the two-night event featuring ninety innovative photographers, kicked off this past weekend on a beautiful farm outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. The three-minute shows were projected onto a huge screen while attendees gathered on blankets, basking under a sky of stars and the light of the 10,000-lumen projector. The photographic subjects ranged from shark conservation (iLCP's Tom Peschak), to photography of conflict in the North Caucasus, to a deck of cards. This range of photographic genres was inspiring as each genre can learn from the strengths of the others.
Members of the photography industry also attended, and Saturday was filled to the brim with discussions of multimedia, distribution, publishing, and funding.
Miki Johnson facilitated this discussion with poise and grace in the mid-day humidity that threatened to melt the 300 guests.

iLCP photographers nominated:
Chris Linder
Ian Nichols
Tom Peschak
Joe Riis
Ian Shive*
Stefano Unterthiner*

* photographers who did not attend and whose work was not projected.

Thank you to Andrew Owen, Jenna Pirog, Nick Nichols and Jessica Nagle for an inspired gathering!

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