Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yucatan RAVE MAP

This map is a bird's eye view of some of the places, people and wildlife our 25 photographers will be encountering over 4 months in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, focusing on Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Click the icons on the map to explore this biologically rich area and visually stunning landscape, as well as learn about some of the impacts proposed hotel and resort sprawl is having on it. The links on the bottom of the page will also take you to photographer 'eye witness' accounts of the Yucatan RAVE. * these are found below this map as well as in the windows that open on the map.

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Mission 1 :

July 2009 Holbox, Mexico

iLCP Fellow Brian Skerry documents Whale Sharks and the pressure of tourism in their waters. iLCP Executive Director Cristina Mittermeier blogs about the experience.

Mission 2:

Flamingo Banding

iLCP Emerging Photographer Claudio Contraras talks about his experience photographing Flamingos in Las Coloradas, Mexico.

Mission 3:

Costal Fishing Towns

iLCP Fellow and Executive Director Cristina Mittermeier is photographing the connection between human well -being and conservation in San Crisanto, Mexico. San Crisanto is a small community in which many people make their living through small sustainable fishing.

Mission 4:

The search for endemics on isla Cozumel

iLCP Fellow Roy Toft documents the endemic species such as the pygmy raccoon on the island of Cozumel ,Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Mission 5:

Wild Cat

Emerging Photographer Joe Riis is working with remote camera traps to photograph felines and other mammals in the private nature reserve El Eden. Joe is being helped by Biologist Biol. Marco A. Lazcano-Barrero.

Mission 6:


iLCP Fellow Kevin Schafer has completed his mission to Calakmul where he photographed a variety of bats, frogs, monkeys, crocs, landscapes, and vegetation.

Mission 7:

LIVE from Alacranes_ Day 1

ILCP Emerging Photographer Ben Horton is in the Alacranes islands to photograph the expansive reef system and marine biodiversity. Ben is calling via satelitte phone to report on his adventures, stay tuned for more!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Mission 8:

Christian Ziegler Bat Cave

Mission 9:

Robin Moore _ Finding frogs in the Sierra Caral

Mission 10:

Michele Westmorland - coastal tourism
day 2
day 3

Images from the Yucatan RAVE were highlighted at WILD9 November 6-13, 2009

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