Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dispatch from the field_Barigona, Costa Rica_ Ben Horton

Dec. 3, 2008
A crocodile and I had a little run in in the surf break called Barigona yesterday. When I fell, I bumped something big and fleshy, and as it took off (obviously I scared it) I felt the tell tale ridges of bumps sliding along my leg. There was at least 5 feet of meat that rubbed against my leg and it felt like only the tail. It also felt heavy, (as in not little) I quickly got back on my board. I paddled straight out and told my dad what had happened because he was still out in the waves... For that kind of thing you don't wave from shore, it's not polite...

I never saw it even though I looked around for at least a half hour, but according to a number of websites where I've done research, they can hold their breath for 1 - 2 hours because of a protein in their blood, so me not seeing it doesn't mean it wasn't there...

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